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Credis 1 & 2 extrait | excerpt
Dances Of Sand
Innocenti 1 & 2
Dancing On The Nile
Il Tuo Viso
Quiet Days In Vitro
Voices of Sand

Released 1997
Universal Music
Produced by Jean-Michel Reusser & Elisabeth Valletti
Woodwind arrangements by Renaud Pion
except Chariots and Lili by Elisabeth Valletti & John Williams
& Troisième produced by Elisabeth Valletti , John Williams & Renaud Pion

Elisabeth Valletti (harp , keyboards, bass & vocals)
Renaud Pion (Bass clarinet, bass flute, EWI)
Emmanuel Oriol (Trumpet)
Richard Bourreau (Violin)
Jim Lowe (Guitar)
Nico Gallard (percussions)
Pandit Dinesh (Tabla & percussions)
Jean-Michel Reusser (Drum loop treatments)

All songs published by Blue Mountain Music.