> john cale
> fragments of a rainy season

A Child's Christmas In Wales
Dying On The Vine
Darling I need You
Paris 1919
Fear (is A Man's Best Friend)
Ship Of Fools
Leaving It Up To You
The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
Thoughtless Kind
On A Wedding Anniversary
Lie Still Sleep Becalmed
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Buffalo Ballet
Chinese Envoy
Style It Takes
Hearbreak Hotel
(I Keep A) Close Watch

Released 1991
Rykodsic, Fnac Music
Produced by John Cale & Jean-Michel Reusser

John Cale : vocals, grand piano, acoustic guitar

Note : recorded live during JohnCale's 1992 European tour



> 22 solo pieces for la naissance de l'amour

La Naissance de l'Amour
If You Love Me No More
And IF I Love Yu Still
Converging Themes
Opposites Attract
I Will Do It I Will Do It extrait | excerpt

Keep It To Yourself
Walk Towards The Sea
Unquiet Heart
Waking Up To Love
Mysterious Relief
Never Been So Happy (in lonely streets)
Beyond Expectations
Conversation In The Garden
La Naissance de l'Amour II
Secret Dialogue
On The Dark Side
La Naissance de l'Amour III
Eye To Eye
Marie's car crash and hotel rooms
La Naissance de l'Amour IV

Released 1993
Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Produced by Jean-Michel Reusser

John Cale : Grand piano

Note : original soundtrack to French director Philippe Garrel's film "La Naissance De L'Amour"



> n'oublie pas que tu vas mourir

The Pianos Part 1 : Welcometo Europe
Everybody's cold sometimes
A snake in China
First train to Heaven
Martyrs and Madmen
Take a Deep Breath

The Strings Quartets : Never Seen Anything So Beautiful
Angels in The Clouds
Madonn's Blues
Sunflowers Fields
Al Dente
Hadrian was Here
Kiss me once more my love
Alive at Dawn

The Pianos Part II : Skin In The Mirror
Who said Love's safe ?
100% pure
Do Not Forget...
Last train to Bosnia
Gold and Crimso
So Far So Good

Released 1995
Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Produced by John Cale, co-produced by Jean-Michel Reusser

John Cale : Grand piano
Marie-jeanne Lechaux (violin)
Charles Ralite (Violin)
Véronique Tat (Cello)
Frédéric Robin (Viola)

String quartet conducted by Renaud Pion

Note : original soundtrack to French Xavier's Beauvois's film "N'Oublie Pas Que Tu Vas Mourir"



> antartida

Flashback 1#1
Velasco's Theme
Maria's Appartement
Flashback 1#2
On The Waterfront
Pasodoble Mortal
Maria's Dream
Antartica Starts Here
Get Away
Antartida Starts Here
Frame Up
People Who Died

Released 1995
Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Produced by John Cale
Executive Producer : Jean-Michel Reusser

John Cale : Vocals, piano, keyboards
Mauricio Villavecchia (accordion)
Cece Giannotti (Guitar)
Guillermo Prats (Electric bass)
Michael Weiss (Drums)
Xavi Mezquita (Trumpet)
Dawn Buckholz (Cello solos)
Chris Spedding (Guitar)
Sterling Morriosn (Guitar)
Maureen Tucker (drums)
Erik Sanko (bass)

Pasodoble Mortal arranged andproduced by Alfonso Vilallonga
Antartida arranged and conducted by David Soldier

Note : original soundtrack to Spanish director Manuel Herga's film "Antartida" (in which John Cale appears as John Cale)



> dance music

New York Underground
Night Club Theme
Out Of China
Death Camp
Ary Sleepy Too
Iceberg I
Iceberg II

Released 1998
Produced by John Cale & Jean-Michel Reusser except Nibelungen.
Composed and arranged by John Cale
Artwork : Quiet Graphics

Performed by ice Nine :
Tineke de Jong (Violin, musical irection)
Jan Schoonenberg (Viola)
Ernst Grapperhause (Viola)
Baptist Kurvers (Viola)
Marjolein Meijers (Cello)
Jasper Teule (Double bass)
CorrievanBinsbergen (Guitars)
Marc van de Geer (Piano, synthesizers)
Arend Niks (percussions)
Mauricio Villavecchia (accordion)
Cece Giannotti (Guitar)
Guillermo Prats (Electric bass)

Note : Score written and arranged by John Cale, commissioned by Scapino Rotterdam for Ed Wubbe 's ballet "Nico". Featuring Nico's Nieblungen from the album "Marbble Index". Ice Nine were performing the music live.




> the unknown

The Unknow Part I to 8

Released 1999
Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Produced by John Cale , co-produced by Jean-Michel Reusser

Composed, Arranged & Performed by John Cale (Electronic keyboards)

Note : originally commissioned by Pordenone Silent Film Festival, this is John Cale's original soundtrack to Tod Browning's masterpiece "The Unknown" (1927).